Come and explore Southgate, Downriver nightlife, one of the city’s hottest dance clubs on the weekend, Fridays are Latin Nights, here you can find a high proportion of skilled dancers that attend Friday Nights, but don’t let that discourage you from going if you are still a beginner! We have complimentary Latin dance Instructor to help you get going for your Latin Night experience. The ambiance is sensual and exotic,  Although the music is excellent, it can get very loud sometimes. The drinks are all quite good and there are a lot of seating areas surrounding the dance floor. I recommend arriving early at 10 pm so that you can find a desirable seat close to the dance floor. Even if you are not dancing, you will be sure to have a spectacular time enjoying your delicious drink, soaking in the atmosphere, listening to exciting music, and admiring all of the beautiful dancing. Add us "Friday Nights" to your weekly schedule, let's dance