Rosie O Grady's

watch our posts for return dates to Ferndale

Ferndale is one of the best cities in Michian to go out and enjoy the night. Not only is it incredibly safe, but it also features some fun locales where visitors can experience going out Detroit-style. Whether you are looking for a night making new friends or you are planning on relaxing with a glass of wine, Ferndale has the spots for you.

Some of the best club music can be heard at Rosie O Grady's located on 9 mile and Allen Rd, only a short walk away from woodward. The quality of music is key here, and you'll find an eclectic crowd read to have a good time and enjoy the various music by DJ ANGEL LIVE that tends to bring in. It can be slightly intimidating because of the amount of women who tend to crowd the club, so you'll want to go with a group of friends or some of your new co worker acquaintances, but worth it if you love to hear new music and want to throw our your best moves.